Friday, January 23, 2009

My Little Hercules!

Can i brag a bit about my child?? I figure this is my, i can do what i want,right?? :) I have never been one to brag...about anything.. but when it comes to your have to! When i was pregnant, I always had a serious gut feeling that Carson was going to be a boy. When we had the 3-D ultrasounds done, it was confirmed even though we didn't see the "goods" :) The definition of the muscles in his arms and back were a dead give away that he had to be a boy. Otherwise, we would of had one hell of a muscular girl! I was like nothing i have ever seen before. The little guy was ripped and he wasn't even born yet! Anyway, i nicknamed him "Hercules" for the rest of my pregnancy. When i finally delivered him and Daniel said the words "It's a Boy!" it was no shock to me! I was 100% without a doubt positive that he was a boy....and he is ALL boy to this day! This morning, I was watching him run around the house in his diaper, throwing a nurf football around and it brought me back to seeing his muscular little body on the 3-D ultrasound. It brought tears to my eyes because it seemed like yesterday i was pregnant with him and now he's exactly 18 months old. Time really does fly. Being an athlete myself, i would love to see Carson one as well! A baseball player (i hope...i see him being a catcher!) football player (his daddy hopes!) basketball, soccer, golf, rugby...something! And if he's not...i am 100% ok with that! But darnit, we're going to at least try to get him to use those muscles of his in a sport somehow!! ;) My parents got me into sports when i was a kid and that was the life i knew. I loved it! I loved the competition, the feeling of winning and accomplishment and with my parents at my side, they always made me feel like i was the best at whatever sport i played.. I want to give that same feeling to Carson. So, i snapped a couple pictures of him playing...not sure if you can tell how broad his shoulders are or the muscle definition in his back but just look at the bicep on his arm in the one picture of him dumping out his blocks. That's my little hercules and i am so proud!

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