Monday, September 28, 2009

Loving Fall

Today officially felt like fall to me. I know it was officially fall, two weeks ago?? But with the warm weather we are having during the day, i couldn't get myself to get any of my fall decor out. However, today was in the high 60's, now i can start to get excited about my favorite time of the year! i absolutely looooove fall...and thought i'd share some of the reasons why!

Pumpkin scented candles...

Hoodies...Starbucks pumpkin coffee/lattes...Tall boots!!

sitting outside on our deck with our firepit...

Taking Carson trick or treating for halloween!!
Baking chili and apple cobbler! and these are just to name a few!! i love fall!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hamburger Stroganoff with cream of chicken

Wonderful. Excellent...Carson and daddy loved it! So easy and fast to make...i'll definately make this again! I found this on recipeezaar...

1/2 pound hamburger meat

1/2 cup chopped onion

1/4 cup butter

2 tbls flour

1 tsp salt

1/8 tsp pepper

1 (4ozcan)sliced mushrooms

1 (10oz) can cream of chicken soup

1 cup sour cream

sprinkling parsley flakes

2 cups egg noodles

1) Bring water to boil for noodles and begin browning beef and onion, drain

2) Add butter, flour, salt, pepper, blend til smooth an add soup. Add mushrooms and simmer 5-10 min. Cook noodles during this time, drain. Just before serving stir in sour cream and parsley flakes to meat mixture. Stir in pasta and serve.

3) I served with rolls and broccoli

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Never a dull moment! Sometimes weekend plans just don't turn out the way you hoped :) We were supposed to go ona 4 wheeling trip with friends last weekend but at the last minute, i found out that my parents could not watch Carson for us so we opted not to go. It wouldn't of worked out anyway because that same night, as i tell carson to give daddy a kiss goodnight and on our way to bed...i'm inthe kitchen andi hear a blood curdling scream! daniel comes running in thekitchen with carson in his arms and blood pouring, literally pouring out of his eye. it made me sick to my stomach...i was scared to look. I had a huge sigh of relief when i saw it was just a cut under his eye...but it was so close to his eye, i haved thanked the lord many times for it being under his eye. We got the bleeding to stop and waited about a half hour before we left for the hospital but i tell you...this little man is a trooper!!! He wanted to keep playing while i chased him around the living room wiping his face from the cut still bleeding! And once we got to the ER, he was such a big boy. They only had to glue it which was a huge relief. Cardinal Glennon is the best!!! Carson had many visitors through the weekend and got "get well" gifts too! haha spoiled much?? :)

I have to remind myself that these things will happen. I beat myself up about it because it could of been prevented...he walked into the living room to kiss daddy and tripped yoga mat. ugh. and then hit his face on the juice cup he was carrying. double ugh. i was sick about it...but accidents happen and i've learned that you can't be to careful...even with a rolled up yoga mat.

Here is the damage...our little rambo :) the cutest is when you ask him to do "strong boy" with muscles showing and this hat on :) so cute.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Puppy Chow

We went to a bbq over the weekend and i made this. An oldie but goodie. This stuff is addicting...can't keep your hands out of the bowl...addicting :)

1/2 cup butter

1 cup peanut butter

2 cups milk chocolate chips

1 (17.5) ounce rice cereal

1 pound (give or take?) powdered sugar

Melt peanut butter and milk chocolate chips. Pour over cereal and toss til well coated. Place cereal in a paper sack-add powdered sugar and shake til all coated. in freezer. SO GOOD!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Feel Good!

I read this today and it struck a cord with me. It's something i need to have in my pocket at all times so that when my attitude even slightly waivers, this is what i turn to. I think we all need this and should remember this. It's such a good inpirational message! Have a great weekend! Ours will be filled with friends, family....and most dress shopping for nikki's wedding! YAY!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blackberry Cobbler

My mom gave me blackberries from her blackberry bush and i knew exactly what i wanted to do with them. Blackberry.Cobbler. yum!!

1 stick butter

1 cup flour

1 cup milk

1 cup sugar

2 tsp baking powder

2-3 cup of fruit

Heat over to 350. Melt butter in 9X13 pan. Mix together flour, milk, sugar, baking powder. Pour over the melted butter in pan. Place fruit over mixture and sprinkle 1 cup of sugar over top (i omitted this...i sprinkled justa little) Bake for 30-35 minutes

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall is in the air

I was at Target yesterday and these two boots caught my eye! They are actually really comfortable too. Target has some really cute shoes out right now! I love heels but my feet sure don't! We just don't get much as i wish we did! But they have a paid called Vonnie pumps in Caramel and i absolutely love them. I have wide feet and these are so comfortable! They are all under $40 each as well! I can see these with skinny jeans, skirts and tight with a belt. I'm sad summer is coming to and end but Fall is my favorite season!! This Ann Taylor sweater looks like the most comfortable thing in the world!