Friday, January 23, 2009

30 (31) Things about me

My friend Jill sent me this email teling me to list 30 things about mysef. I had 31 but i could of probably kept going...i thought it would be neat to include in my blog for those that don't know me well!

1. My name is Shelby
2. If i was to be a boy, my parents would of named me Travis
3. I have a fear of spiders and any kind of flying bugs. Especially horseflies. Eek!
4. daniel is 27 and i am 32
5. I got married in Breckenridge, CO
6. I have lost 50 pounds since i had Carson!!
7. I have three more to go to my wedding weight!
8. I went to college at the University of Northern Iowa
9. I chose that school because i got a full ride to play Division I Softball
10. I am a pitcher
11. One of my biggest accomplishments was running a half marathon-13.2 miles
12. I only walked a total of 5 minutes through the whole knee hurt
13. the one place i desire to travel to is Charleston, SC. i love the south and hear it's beautiful!!
14. I love to blog...
15. I would like three maybe four kids
16. I have one sister, Nikki-28 and one brother, Christopher, 17
17. My favorite color is ocean blue...but i'm becoming partial to anything green lately.
18. i have been to 11 concerts, i think?
19. two of those were smashing pumpkins and two were Alana Davis
20. I have met Billy Corgan and Alana Davis!!
21. I met oj simpson at a bar in the lodge we stayed for our wedding. he wished me luck in my marriage. he was staying at the same lodge we were in CO.
22. I hate raw onion...if any food has any onion in it, i wont eat it
23. I love yoga!
24. So much so that i secretly want to be certified to become an instructor :)
25. I have had broken two bones in my whole life
26. they were two of my toes when i cracked them on the tub getting in the shower. i was 17 when i did that. how clumsy!
27. I want to make my own jewelry-jill is going to show me how!
28. i have pierced my nose, belly button and ears
29. i have one tattoo on my lower back and can't wait to get another. i want the next one on the inside of my wrist but my husband hates that idea
30. carson is 18 months yesterday! i sware he's a genius...he's so smart it's scary! we are so blessed!
31. i LOVE to cook and bake!

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  1. #22 - are you sure you and Beth aren't somehow related? If I have to see her gag ONE. MORE. TIME. over onion, I'm going to throw something at her...