Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First post!

Welcome!! I am recently new to "blogging" but i've been following others blogs for months and have so much fun doing it that i decided to start my own! I am all about cooking, baking, decorating our home, sports and of course, my wonderful family! Let me introduce...I have a wonderful husband, Daniel...we got married in Breckenridge, CO on June 16, 2006. He is the kindest and most thoughtful person i know and i am so blessed to be married to him. Next is our beautiful son Carson who is 18 months. He has truly changed our life in every way possible! He is so sweet, adorable, hilarious, (i could come up with a million words to describe him)...but oh...such a handful!! We love him more than words can say! And i can't forget the wonderful and hyper "horse" of a dog, our yellow lab, Dakota! He is quite entertaining and i'm sure i'll have some funny posts about him. I'm starting this blog so that family and friends can see what we're up to! Every day seems to be an adventure for our little family and this blog will tell you all about it! For now, i leave you with one of my favorite pictures of Carson. isn't he the cutest?? :)

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