Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crockpot Lasagna

i found this recipe on Brooke's blog...and a cookie for dessert. This was a easy recipe...a little more prep work than i would like but it was still really good. When i think crock pot, i think throw everything in there and call it a day but this took a little prepping....but worth it! and note...when it says to cook on low 4-5 hours...it really means 4 to 5 hours and no longer!! thank goodness my husband was home to watch it because i put it together at 8 am and it was done by noon! He turned it on warm for the rest of the day so by the timei got home at 5 it was rather dry on top. However, it still tasted good!

1 lb lean ground beef
1/2 large onion, finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, minced
8 oz package of lasagne noodles
1 jar of spaghetti sauce
1/3 cup of milk
15 oz. ricotta cheese
1 egg
11/2 cup shredded italian blend cheese

Using a little olive oil, add onion and garlic to a saute pan. Then add beef. Over medium heat, cook until completely browned. Add sauce to meat and simmer for a few min. In a bowl, mix ricotta cheese, add egg and mix completely. Add shredded cheeses and mix well.
Using cooking spray. coat sides and bottom of crockpot. Pour 1/4 of meat mixture into crockpot, then a layer of noodles (you will need to break them in order to fit), followed by a layer of the 1/3 meat mixture. Repeat 3 times. Then top with remaining meat mixture. Make sure all noodles around the edges are covered with sauce. cook on low for 4-5 hours.

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