Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Bowl!

How awesome was that game?! im an avid sports fan but for some reason...just can't get that into football?? However, the end of this game had me on the edge of my seat! whew! We had friends over for the night and it was great to catch up! Not to mention, the food was awesome! Sam made a great recipe of Italian Beef...i could of eaten it all night! Nikki made a wonderful fruit pizza which was so delicious that i was suprised i had never tasted it before! Jill made a great pumpkin cheesecake froma recipe from the Cheesecake Factory and Todd even pitched in and made the cucumber and feta salad! Daniel and i made appetizers and i made the Peanut butter cupcakes i've been dying to make. I'll post that recipe next! They were so amazing!
Part of our night consisted of making jewelry! Jill tought herself how to make her own and i was really excited to have her over to teach me how. It was fun! i made some pendants, bracelets and a necklace. You should see all her jewelry stuff...it would blow you away. Take a look at this....our entire dining room table was full!!

It was a lot of fun and now i'm going to start making my own...of course, with help from Jill! :) She's really good! She makes jewelry for special occasions too! So, if anyone needs anything, let me know and i'll get you in contact with her!

Speaking of making things...Daniel had a great idea for coasters!! I have been on the lookout for some cool looking coasters but haven't found any worth spending money on. So, he volunteered to make me some! He cut down a small tree that we had in our yard and made them for me! He just cut them and carved them and then put brown felt on the bottoms with super glue. They work like a charm, our heavy bottom glasses fit perfectly on them and they are "us"! I love them! He has some leftover and he is going to glaze those to give them a shiny look. I'll post those when he does.

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