Monday, February 23, 2009

Cake Balls

I've had these before but it's been a while. This weekend was a relaxing weekend for me and i wanted to make something simple, mouth-watering and something Daniel has never had. These are so unbelievably good! You can't stop eating at one!! It's a hard chocolate coating on the outside and a soft moist cake on the inside. I'm thinking of all the ways to vary this recipe...chocolate almond bark outside with white cake and white icing, chocolate with chocolate cake and chocolate icing, carrot cake with cream cheese icing! but i went with Red Velvet cake and cream cheese and i'm so glad i did!

So simple...bake your cake mix according to directions. When the cake is done and still warm, crumble it up in a large bowl with a can of frosting. WARNING: You will be tempted to grab a fork, sit down and eat the whole bowl just like this!! :) (again, i used red velvet cake and whipped cream cheese frosting but you can mix it up however!)
Now...important....refrigerate cake and icing for quite a while before you start making the balls. (i refrigerated for 1.5 hours and that didn't do it for me...when i started to form the balls, they fell apart so i had to stick them back in for another hour or so) Melt almond bark (vanilla or chocolate-depends on cake choice) and dip the balls in the bark. I used a fork to do this.

SO GOOD!!!!!

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