Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stacy's 30 Bday

My cousin Stacy's 30th bday was last week. Her husband Doug set up a surprise dinner at Dave and Buster's with a group of our friends and all of our kids. The kids had a blast! Carson was pooped when we got home! I didn't get any pics of the bday girl but i did get some of carson and stacy's two little ones...Makenna and Addison. These girls are adorable!
Carson in a big chair :)
Not sure if you can read but it says "Players only in the Playing Area" thought it was kind of funny to get Carson standing there
Addi and carson hugging. it was so cute!! i asked them to hug and neither hesitated!
Here is Makenna...this girl is a spitting image of her mom! Carson and Makenna hanging out onthe big chairs

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