Sunday, February 22, 2009

Love those stripes!

There are MANY projects i want to do around our house but one of our easier ones is to redo our master bath. It's a boring white right now and i just hate it! My sister's fiance knows how to lay tile so i'm going to beg him to help me with our floor!! sam, pretty please?! :) These are some wall colors/bathroom looks i'm choosing, i need to figure out how to make my bathroom look like one of these ON A BUDGET!

this may be my favorite...found this online on Rate My space. i love the stripes! daniel actually agreed to do the stripes for me!! yay!

this is my other fave! love the wall color against the white cabinetry!

so spa like. love it.
and for kicks...isn't this the cutest kids bathroom ever?!

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