Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So, Carson woke up hysterical last night at 1 AM. He was gasping for air and had this cough that sounded like a seal. It was awful. He wouldn't stop crying. Once he did, he threw up and then was gasping for air. I had no idea what the hell was going on. I had heard of a "croupy cough" but i didn't know that it meant they couldn't breathe! After five minutes and not knowing what to do, i called 911 asking for advice and they told me to take him straight to the ER. I don't remember one minute of that car ride except for daniel driving like a maniac and carson saying once "Woah, dada" when he hit a big bump in the road. When we got there, they were waiting for us and gave him oxygen and steroids and it opened his throat back up and he was fine. Just like that. Fine.
The scariest thing i have ever gone through. I really thought he was going to stop breathing. The scariest part was that he had absolutely NO symptoms. NONE! No fever, cough..nothing! Last night he had dinner, played outside...a normal night. That is why i was so panicked because there was nothing wrong! I'm still confused what happened but it's a upper respiratory virus that makes his throat and bronchial passages swollen! Today he has barely coughed but gets short of breath. I'm scared for tonight but the docs prepared me with what to do. Close the door in the bathroom, turn the shower on full hot water and sit in steam for half an hour then immediately after the steam, put his head in the freezer. Simple advice for something so darn scary! Please pray tonight he sleeps ok and this will pass! My poor baby!

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