Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wild Man!

My little man got his hair cut...and i mean cut. I don't know if it's the cut but it's given him a little pep in his step :) He thought he was big stuff when we (i mean daniel...i was to chicken to cut it) were done cutting it. I love his hair long...the boy has had a ton of hair since the day he was born. The times he has gotten it cut, i've only let them trim it. Daniel stepped in and said he wanted to cut it because it was getting "out of control" ha! Whenever we go out, the things people comment on most is his hair and his adorable cheeks. Now his hair is gone...but it's hair and his grows fast so i know it will grow back soon. It's just if daniel lets me let it get "out of control" again :)

Here is my little man with all that hair:
just kidding!!! That is a wig he just HAD to put on! haha

Here is a pic of him the morning we cut it...i love that it's crazy! :)

a side view...i still love it!

here is his new "do".

i'm definately getting used to it and i think that he likes it too. He really does strut around the house like he's hot stuff. haha We'll see...maybe it's because he looks more like a little boy now and i'm not ready for that! i want him to be my baby forever!

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