Friday, May 29, 2009

Classroom Rules

I wanted to do this project for our "family rules" but i thought i should wait til Carson is older and actually "gets" the rules we set...but i was dying to do it! In comes Nikki's graduation gift...i racked my brain for something creative to do for her when this project popped in my head. Classroom Rules! I got this idea from here: her blog is so creative...just love her and her guest blogger Nicole! Anyway, i wanted rules that would define character and not your typical "no running, hitting etc.." i wanted rules that i would want my own son to follow. So, these are the ones i came up with! I loved how it turned out and nikki loved it too!

First...i went to Hobby lobby when they were having a great sale on scrapbook paper. I picked out all my favorite was so fun!

then went to Michael's with my 40% off coupon and got a large canvas. I painted the edges a pretty green color because you will be able to see the sides of the canvas once you are done with putting the rules on. then we cut into that beautiful paper! My wonderful husband helped me a ton with this! We cut the paper into strips and mod podged it onto the canvas. I varied the width of each paper to give it a different look.then once we were done with putting all the paper on, i took a black paint pen and wrote all my different rules on each strip of paper. I downloaded free fonts and wrote out all of my rules by hand. it was tricky and took the most time but it was so worth it! I can't wait to do this for our home too!


  1. ah! this turned out so great! thanks so much for sharing this with me. i'm going to send this link to nicole, too!

  2. This turned out amazing!! Your handwriting is incredible. I just made one too ;) and I'm posting it in a few days. I had the hardest time making my paper strips straight!! This one will have to be my "practice" one. Again, this turned out perfect, well done.