Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yard Sales-they are the way to go!!

So, i'm all about a deal...but i've become a new lover of thrift stores and yard sales! The last couple of months i haven't even thought of buying from brand name stores. I find the hunt way to exciting at thrift stores to go back to buying from the chain stores! i've found some amazing things for my home at thrift stores, antique stores and yes...goodwill! Don't get me wrong..i love homegoods, target, pier 1 and all those stores still but i just find it so exciting to find a lamp or shelf or something of that nature ina thrift store for a much lower price!
so...for yard sales...i've been looking for a month for some outdoor toys for Carson and i did not want to spend a ton on them seeing how fast he outgrows things. Now that the weather is nicer, all he wants to do it be outside! or as he says it..."Siiiiiiiide" as he's pointing and leaning on the door. :) I went yardsaling last saturday morning and knew what i was looking for...and i hit a jackpot! I found a car that has a swing open door, fake radio, steering wheel and he can push around with his feet for $3!!!!!!!! Not only that...look at won't believe what i paid! The same family was selling this....

$5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, $5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a two seater motorized jeep...great condition and all it needs is a new battery! granted, a battery will cost me about $30 but it's soooo worth it for $5!!!!!!! It has a stick shift, radio, horn and a pedal for his feet. i can't wait til he can drive it. for now, his legs aren't long enough to reach the pedal but he just loves sitting in it. These pictures of him and the girls are priceless. His hair is a little out of control at times but honest, the wind was crazy that day...hence the fro :)

boy...i need to post some recipes! we haven't done much fun cooking lately (your typical spaghetti, hamburgers, salads etc...) we've out "Siiiiide" :) and on the grill! but nikki's graduation party is coming up so ill post everything we make!

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